“Enjoyable” “Moving” “ Brilliant” “interesting” . and . “Amusing” Feedback for ‘In Conversation with Mr Nicholson’ performed for the Bloomsbury Festival 2020 in St George’s Gardens

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Just sorting out all the emails from after the Bloomsbury Festival event and found all these lovely compliments, which I cannot resist recording for posterity:

“a really enjoyable event and mixing in the young scientists worked really well. Well done to everyone involved!”  Olivia

“I am so impressed with all the work that Diana, Sue and Ian put in as well as the actors and students. Brilliant!” Anita

“What a great event - I thought it was very moving seeing all those people standing listening and responding to the script.  And if you’ve seen the David Attenborough documentary the PhD students are a shining beacon of hope that we might save humankind.” Ian.

“It really was a brilliant event, so well done to all!  Jules and Sue struck just the right tone and it was so good having the students demonstrate the relevance tous today of Mr Nicholson's scientific endeavours. Great scripting, performances and direction, and flawless organisation and admin too (I know Diana and Sue put more time into this than you might guess). It was all impressive and generally wonderful.”  Jo

“Ian, Sue and Jules - you were all excellent and clearly had worked very hard over many sessions to make the performance so polished, interesting, and amusing.  You held the attention of that large audience and inclusion of the students was inspiring and they did their bit so well. Many thanks to you.”  Sue

“What a fantastic event this afternoon! Everyone seemed to have a great time and I learnt a lot about William Nicholson and science. Huge congrats to Sue Bramall, the fabulous actor Jules Date and Ian Brown. Very well done.” Hans.

In case any the organisers of science or history events are looking for something a bit different – we’d love to do it again!


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