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More than 2,860 articles were published in William Nicholson's Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and the Arts between April 1797 and December 1813, excluding reports of publications and societies.

‘It is reasonable to hope that it will every year become of more value, as the repository of discoveries in science and the arts; and that it will tend to accelerate the progress of both.’

William Nicholson, 1 March 1798.

This database contains an index of the titles and authors of these article.  You can search the index and find links to the relevant edition on Google Books where you will be able to read the full article. 

Please note:

It is not possible to search the contents of the articles here (only the title text).

When preparing the index, we allocated one of a number of categories under ‘topic’.  This was done primarily as a means of analysing broadly the range of topics covered in the Journal.  It was not done with scientific precision, and so should only be used as a basic tool for filtering the articles. 

If you spot any mistakes, or can help us to improve the classification of any article, please let us know via

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